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Clubhouse Development - Needs, Wants & Aspirations

30 Jul 2019

Clubhouse Development - Needs, Wants & Aspirations

It's safe to say that our aging Clubhouse was not designed to meet the needs of a modern sport loving town. Whilst perfectly functional back when it first opened in 1968 with 2 changing rooms, a kitchen and a dining area, few people considered the need for spectator male/female toilets, female changing rooms or a bar but nowadays they are a must for all aspiring clubs and even for those struggling to survive from season to season. 

The Town Council have now approached us and the other Users (AVR, BTYFC, etc) to seek our ideas about improving or possibly redeveloping the Clubhouse. So we are seeking the views from our members about what they'd like to see in a redeveloped Clubhouse. Essentially what are our (1) Needs (must have's), (2) Wants (would like) and our (3) aspirations (what we strive to become).

Please could you pass on your ideas to either Mike Smith or Paul Vooght.

Many thanks